Company Profile

Exclusive Chemistry Ltd is a contract research company specializing in custom synthesis of organic molecules. Our credo is providing the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

Core business

Primary company objectives are custom chemical synthesis and chemical research and development. We offer both chemicals themselves and a process of their synthesis.

The synthesis of pharmaceuticals and biologically active substances from milligrams up to kilograms are offered. Company's success rate is near to 90%.


Our staff are highly qualified PhD chemists having several years' experience in heterocycles, carbohydrates and other class of organic compounds.

Customer Testimonials

The customer comments are shown, not simply as a testimony to our products and services quality, but as a reminder of our high standards.

Exclusive Chemistry undertook a difficult synthesis for us and delivered the product on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Luis Castro, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Gowan Company. USA.

I have had two compounds made by Exclusive Chemistry Ltd. In both cases I was very satisfied with the final product and each had the predicted biological properties. One compound was made right on time and the other suffered a slight delay. In the latter case I found them to be completely responsive and approachable about the delay. In all, my experiences were very positive and I would work with them again in the future and have recommended them to others.

Dr. Stephen Elledge, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School. USA.

Clear and quick quotations, delivering of orders in due time, high quality of compounds: mostly >95% and last but not least very fast reaction to our e-mails. Exclusive Chemistry Ltd is one of our best vendors worldwide.

Mr. Tom Newman, Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd. Austria.

Exclusive Chemistry synthesized to our satisfaction for a fair price 1 g of a substance we urgently needed.

Dr. Erwin Sigel, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Bern. Switzerland.

We were very satisfied with the services provided by Exclusive chemistry. They synthesized a good quality chemical compound for us at a fair price.

Dr. Torunn Stalheim, Department of Food safety and Infection Biology, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. Norway.

We requested from Exclusive Chemistry Ltd to synthesize two small molecules which we had identified in an unbiased screen of a chemical compound library. They synthesized both compounds on time and shipped to us along with NMR data. We verified their MW in our Mass spectrometry facility and found them to be of the correct mass. Overall, the Ex-chemistry scientists were very professional and responded to our e-mails promptly. They even sent us the synthesis steps for one of the compounds when we asked for them.

Dr. Costas Koumenis, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. USA

I had a very pleasant experience with Exclusive Chemistry. I needed a custom chemical synthesis and sent out publications about the required chemical synthesis to several different companies. Exclusive Chemistry rapidly responded with a competitive offer. Afterwards they started immediately with the synthesis, perfectly met the proposed time frame, and offered the desired purity of the compound. Communication was very good, and I am completely satisfied with their product.

Dr. Markus Gräler, Institute for Immunology, Medical School Hannover. Germany.


We collaborate with leading USA and European chemical research companies. Our USA strategic partner is the company Aurora Fine Chemicals.