M344 - CAS 251456-60-7 - HDAC Inhibitor

M344 (CAS 251456-60-7) is an inhibitor of histone deacetylases, inhibiting maize HDAC (IC50 = 100 nM) as well as human HDAC1 (IC50 = 46 nM). It shows a three-fold selectivity for inhibition of HDAC6 over HDAC1. This compound enhances the sensitivity of human squamous carcinoma cells to radiation and promotes cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer cells (ED50 = 2.3 µM).


Synonyms: M 344; D237; 4-Dimethylamino-N-(6-hydroxycarbamoylhexyl)-benzamide
Technical Data: Molecular Weight - 307.40; Molecular formula - C16H25N3O3; CAS No - 251456-60-7

Ordering Information: Product Number - EC-000.2275
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* - Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid (SAHA); Entinostat (MS-275); Tacedinaline (CI-994); BML-210; M344; Mocetinostat (MGCD0103); PXD101; LBH-589.

1. Zhang, Y., et al. Enhancement of radiation sensitivity of human squamous carcinoma cells by histone deacetylase inhibitors. Radiat Res 161 667-674 (2004).
2. Shabason JE, et al. HDAC inhibitors in cancer care. Oncology (Williston Park). 2010 Feb;24(2):180-5.
3. Takai, N., et al. M344 is a novel synthesized histone deacetylase inhibitor that induces growth inhibition, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis in human endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer cells. Gynecol Oncol 101 108-113 (2006).

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